openmind counselling and psychotherapy
A safe, non-judgemental place to explore and work through
difficulties with someone trained to listen

My approach/Couples counselling

As a psychodynamic counsellor, I am trained to listen in a way that enables you to find your own voice, and change how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

An individual's current difficulties and feelings of distress may be linked to experiences from their past whilst they are unaware of the connection. For example, people can often repeat patterns of behaviour in relationships whilst feeling unable to change. Sometimes people can re-enact past experiences and feelings without being aware that they are doing so. This can occur even within the therapeutic relationship they develop with their counsellor. As your counsellor, I will neither judge nor reject you, but will help you to uncover these links with the past and to develop a better understanding of yourself and your life experiences. Negotiating a new relationship with your past can help you to live creatively in the present and find effective ways of dealing with life's challenges.

I work in way which considers the needs and concerns of each individual regardless of: social class; age; gender; race; ethnic group; religion; sexual orientation; disability.

Couples counselling
It is not an accident why we choose the partner we do, yet the reason for this may be more than is obvious to you. In my work with couples I take a positive view of relationships even though it can be hard to see them as anything other than negative when we are having relationship difficulties.

Couple counselling provides an opportunity for a couple to explore their problems in a supportive and safe atmosphere that facilitates improved communication, mutual understanding and the development of their relationship.

How long will counselling last?
This will be for you to decide, and may depend on the range of issues you wish to discuss. I can offer short-term, solution focussed counselling (usually 6-12 sessions) to work on a specific concern, or longer-term therapy to explore more complex issues.